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What We Do

Labour Solutions

The Labour Desk provides the construction industry with labour solutions, from a labourer for a day to a whole project team, we can get it covered.

Builders Clean

We often begin working with our client’s pre-construction so that we can fully understand the project and the labour requirements, we can then research, plan and implement a strategy to provide a premium service.

Out Sourced Payroll

For a free no obligation review of your current labour please contact us now on: 02071646095

The Uber of Labour Hire

We can now send Pre-Induction questionnaires and monitor their completion prior to site.

Our portal will store and hold all accreditations and expiry dates for operative allowing for better compliance.

On arrival any operative will have to clock in and clock out via our worker app, this records their location at the time of clock in so we can check if someone has logged on whilst on site or not.

Automated timesheet will be sent for an easy one-click approval.

Our client portal allows clients to add new jobs very easily meaning you can plan requirements to fit a programme of works.

Within the client portal you will be able to monitor spend per site or per worker giving great commercial planning and understanding.

Clients will be able to rate or block workers from their sites and automatically book preferred operatives.

No more revenue lost from timesheet fraud.

About Us

We would rather you told us about you, but if you do want to know here is a few little facts

Established 2017

Turnover £5 Million


  • £10,000,000 Public, Employers, Product
  • £1,000,000 Professional indemnity

Company Registration 10736166

VAT Reg 271312337

UTR 9042226370

Boston Daniels

If you require a labour solution

Please call The Labour Desk on 02071646095

Out-Sourced Payroll

We take pride in how we operate our internal payroll, after all an unhappy operative only causes a client issues on site. With all our operatives paid on time and correct, week on week we know a thing or two about getting operatives paid.

The Labour Desk is now happy to offer an outsourced payroll service to clients.

There are 4 main benefits to a client for using The Labour Desk Payroll Service


Security and Compliance

- We are fully up to date with current and planned legislation
- We are GDPR compliant
- We are fully HMRC compliant our last audit was 2019


Time Saving

- Payroll is often time consuming and complex, which we aim to eliminate
- Outsourcing allows you more time to focus on your core business activities


Visibility and Control

- Employees paid on time and accurately
- We can provide full reporting to allow fully visibility of the account


Cost Saving

- Save on office personal costs and accountancy fees
- We can offer a potential saving of thousands

Please contact on 02071646095 and ask for a free no obligation cost analysis

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    86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE
    Phone: 02071646095