Case Study – Logistical Challenge

Client: Demolition Contractor

Project: London School – Ashtead

The Labour Desk was approached by a leading demolition contractor for a solution on a large-scale demolition project located in Ashtead, Surrey.

The Location was very remote with no transport links within easy reach. The nearest station was over 7 miles from site. This meant that finding local operatives to work would be reliant on them having transport.

The Labour Desk organised two multiple people carriers to transport 14 operatives 6 days a week for the duration of the 14 week-long project. There was 100% attendance this was achieved by using operatives that had previously worked without any issues.

Not only was there no additional cost, but there were also many positives as a result.

– Reduced the Carbon Footprint the project made due to reduced travel
– It allowed the contractor to win additional work from that client because of the on-time and on budget completion of the project
– Reduced journey times to work as they arrived and left together
– Created good publicity and improved the public’s opinion on the work

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